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CARE International’s mission is to work with women and girls where the impacts of poverty and injustice are prevailing and where, together, we can achieve systemic change.


The global CARE Confederation works with people and communities all over the world — every one of us tightly focused on where we can support the most people to defeat poverty and social inequality.


As CARE Australia, we have built strong, long-term relationships with partners who work in their own communities in the South-East Asia and Pacific regions and we know that this is where we can be most effective.


CARE Australia’s proximity to the south Pacific islands and South-East Asia makes building relationships possible, productive and powerful.


Our years of experience in these regions means we have the ability to help amplify women’s voices so they can influence how the Australian Government and other national governments can best support locally-led disaster responses and gender equality programs. We see ourselves playing a supporting role to help individuals and communities advocate for themselves at a structural level, both in their own region and here in Australia.


We aim to be ‘as local as possible, and as international as necessary’, which means maximising the potential of local people and organisations before requesting international support. Even if international support is accepted, local leaders should have decision-making power and control over how resources are used.


Our vision is for a global network of local partners who are supported by CARE to keep their communities safe and thriving.