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CARE works with your business to help you live your values

CARE works with your business to help you live your values

Proud partnerships

How can engaging with an organisation like CARE benefit your business?

We can partner with your company to find the most effective ways to achieve mutual goals, particularly if your business has an interest in promoting a more equal world for women and girls.

Corporate donations

How can you support the communities where you work through CARE?

With activities in more than 90 countries, CARE offers options for companies which see the value of promoting equal opportunities for women and girls around the world and wish to support this through a reputable charity.

Employee engagement

Whether through workplace giving, or creative corporate gifts to thank staff and business contacts, we offer creative fundraising initiatives to engage and motivate employees to live your values.

Customer engagement

How can aligning your brand with CARE improve your customer engagement? A partnership with CARE offers opportunities to engage your customers while highlighting your commitment to promoting a more equal world.

Banner image: © Valerie Fernandez/CARE