Fundraise for CARE Fundraise for CARE

Your powerful contribution to help communities overcome poverty.

Your powerful contribution to help communities overcome poverty.

CARE Australia is a leading international aid organisation that works around the globe to save lives and defeat poverty. Fundraising for CARE is one of the most powerful contributions you can make to helping poor communities overcome poverty.

Fundraise with an event, in celebration, or for families in emergencies and crisis

Celebrating an event, such as a wedding or milestone birthday, is a time for reflection on the good fortune that has come your way. If another toaster is the last thing you need, ask your friends and family to make a donation instead.

When an emergency strikes, the first response is crucial. You can make a huge difference by raising money to provide lifesaving food, shelter, clean water and medical care to families who need it most. We are currently responding to emergencies all around the world.

Make your fundraising simple with these platforms:

GoFundraise is an online fundraising platform that enables you to personalise your event or challenge, set a fundraising target and invite your friends and family to donate. You can also use GoFundraise to share your message across social media platforms. Start your own personal fundraising page, here.

Instagram is another great online fundraising platform. You can create a fundraiser for a charitable organisation from a post for all your friends and family to donate. The fundraiser will be visible in the post and you also get a link to the fundraiser in your bio. Learn how to set one up, here.

Our dedicated fundraising team are on hand to answer questions and provide support to help you reach your fundraising goals. Email us at or call 1800 020 046. For more information, please read CARE Australia’s Fundraising Terms & Conditions.