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CARE works with partners in Morocco to support women to defeat poverty. Donate now.

CARE works with partners in Morocco to support women to defeat poverty. Donate now.


A magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred in Morocco on September 08th at 23:11.

The epicenter is the High Atlas mountains, 75 km southeast of Marrakesh.

It affected many regions, including Al Haouz (where CARE is working), Marrakesh, Ouarzazate, Azilal, Chichaoua, Taroudan and extended to Casablanca and Rabat.

The immediate needs of the affected population include shelter, medical care, food security and hygiene (integrating specific needs especially for women). Vulnerable groups need special attention and psychological support.

Right now, CARE Morocco needs quick financial support to deliver the first necessary humanitarian kits of water and food, hygiene kits and shelter. Your donation will help provide hot meals, safe water supply, emergency shelter and medical support to families that have been impacted by the earthquake. 

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Donations to CARE’s Global Emergency Fund support our Rapid Response Team, who prepare for, and respond to emergencies and disasters globally, providing life saving assistance.


CARE began support for communities in Morocco during 2008.

Working with national partners, CARE contributes to the political development of the country through the National Initiative for Human Development, which is implemented through partnerships between the state and national and international organisations.

CARE Morocco pays special attention to youth and disadvantaged rural and peri-urban groups as severe inequity between urban and rural populations remains a problem.

CARE focuses on; improving the quality of education in Morocco, particularly early childhood education, promoting the economic empowerment of women and youth, encouraging the civic participation of women and girls.

Fast Facts

Population: 37,067,420 (2023 est.)
Life expectancy: 73.95 years (72.26 years male, 75.72 years female) (2023 est.)
Infant mortality: 18.73 deaths/1,000 live births (2023 est.)
Under-5 mortality*: 18 deaths/1,000 live births
Maternal mortality: 72 deaths/100,000 live births (2020 est.)
Access to improved drinking water: 91% (98.3% urban, 79.1% rural)
Access to improved sanitation: 88.8% (98.2% urban, 72.4% rural)
Percentage of seats held by women in national parliament^: 22.8% (2021 est.)
GDP per capita: $8,100 (2021 est.)

Source: CIA World Factbook, *UNICEF, ^World Bank

Women’s literacy program

Write Her Future is a program, established by CARE Morocco, for women’s literacy and the encouragement of mothers, fathers and community members to be involved in the education of their children.

The program introduces innovations by allowing participants to have access to education based on the development of their empowerment, in particular through modules on the creation of cooperatives, associations or income-generating activities.


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For those living in extreme poverty, your support brings education and training, healthcare and clean water, nutritious food, and new ways to earn an income. And in times of crisis, you help us deliver emergency relief. Please donate today.