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We believe dynamic partnerships are critical to solving complex global challenges. Our partners – from corporations to foundations to entrepreneurs – are committed to developing and supporting socially responsible initiatives that build stronger communities, while enhancing business and development goals.

Together, CARE and our partners can help build a world of opportunities.

Our partners help us to increase our impact by harnessing the skills, experience and unique opportunities businesses can contribute to the fight against poverty and social injustice.

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Melinda Kenny
Corporate Partnerships 

tel: +61 3 9009 7126

Help us fight global poverty

Since 1990, the percentage of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty has dropped from 43% to 21%. CARE is proud to have been a part of that progress. But with 1.2 billion people still living in extreme poverty, we still have work to do.

In 2017, CARE Australia assisted 2.4 million people in 24 countries in areas including health, education, water and sanitation and emergency relief.

To help us fight global poverty, contact Melinda Kenny, Head of Key Relations on 03 9009 7126 or

Staff engagement

CARE’s Walk in Her Shoes workplace challenge is a great way to engage and motivate staff. Sign up a team and walk your chosen distance from 22-28 October 2018. Registration opens in August 2018.

Staff can raise money to reduce the distance women and girls walk to collect water every day.

Read more on the Walk in Her Shoes website or contact Melissa Crane on 03 9009 7112 for more information.

Workplace giving

Imagine if you could help a woman and her community out of poverty every time you get paid. With workplace giving, you can!

Workplace giving means making your donation directly via payroll – pre-tax, no fuss.

CARE Australia’s payroll deduction program is an easy way for your company to help change the lives of people living in extreme poverty overseas, and help your staff feel good about the impact they are having.

A little each month can go a long way – your generous support will help keep girls in school, provide healthcare to mothers and their babies, help more children make it to their fifth birthday and help women to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.

To find out more call Melissa Crane on 03 9009 7112 or email

Corporate gifts

Don’t follow the sheep when it comes to thanking staff or business contacts for a job well done. Send them one instead!

CARE Australia has animal, education, water and health ideas for your corporate gifts.

CAREgifts can meet your needs, for orders large and small.

Visit the CAREgifts website for more information.