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How can you support the communities where you work through CARE?

How can you support the communities where you work through CARE?

With activities in more than 90 countries, CARE offers many ways for companies that see the value of promoting equal opportunities for women and girls around the world and wish to support this through a recognised, reputable charity, with corporate donations.

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Emergency response

When disasters strike, your business can play a key role in supporting response efforts.

Your company can choose to assist our emergency response work by contributing to our Global Emergency Fund or donating to specific appeals.

Bentiu Protection of Civilian Area, where tens of thousand of people have sought shelter and safety from the conflict in South Sudan. The rainy season makes it very difficult for people to live - and for NGO such as CARE to operate. In order to work against the terrible hygiene conditions, CARE builds latrines, informs people about proper hygiene practices to avoid diseases. Photo Josh Estey/CARE

Support ongoing programs

Investing in social responsibility activities helps boost your company’s reputation and provides opportunities to raise your profile.

Your company can choose to support our work on promoting a more equal world or donate to specific projects.

If you want to live your company’s values by aligning the projects you fund with your corporate goals, we also offer in-depth partnerships where we can tailor programs to specific contexts.

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Ending poverty and injustice involves the mundane as well as the inspirational. From flights to IT equipment to sites for events, there are many ways supporting those we work with has a cost to our organisation.

CARE’s partnerships aren’t only financial—our partners often offer practical ways to reduce our expenses and promote our work. Providing consulting services or other gifts-in-kind help ensure as much of our funding as possible can be spent on those who need it most.

Gifts in Kind

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