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Supporting crisis and empowering change in the South Caucasus, Georgia. Donate now.

Supporting crisis and empowering change in the South Caucasus, Georgia. Donate now.

CARE has been working in the South Caucasus region since 1988, located on the cusp of Europe and Asia.

Our journey began as a response to the devastating Spitak earthquake in Armenia, and later, we responded to the armed conflicts that emerged in the 1990s and 2008.

In August 2008, as a response to a humanitarian crisis, CARE Georgia focused on aid to those displaced from their homes, those who returned to damaged dwellings, and support to those striving to make ends meet.

CARE has provided both immediate aid to people affected by conflicts and long-term support to vulnerable communities in rural South Caucasus.

Our work in the South Caucasus focuses on:

  • Addressing underlying causes of poverty
  • Reducing vulnerability
  • Supporting internally displaced people
  • Strengthening women’s capacity for peace-building
  • Improving conditions for sustainable development

CARE International in the South Caucasus collaborates with national partners to have a greater impact. We’re addressing what drives poverty, making sure people are less at risk, helping those who’ve had to leave their homes, and empowering women to contribute to peace-building.

Through 11 projects and initiatives, we have reached over 18,000 people directly.

Fast Facts

Population: 4,936,390 (2023 est.)
Life expectancy: 77.74 years (73.72 years male, 81.96 years female) (2023 est.)
Infant mortality: 14.45 deaths/1,000 live births (2023 est.)
Under-5 mortality*: 9.5 deaths/1,000 live births (2021 est.)
Access to improved drinking water: 97.3% (99.4% urban, 94.3% rural)
Access to improved sanitation: 86.7% (96.3% urban, 72.7% rural)
Percentage of seats held by women in national parliament^: 19% (2022 est.)
GDP per capita: $15,500 (2021 est.)

Source: CIA World Factbook, *UNICEF, ^World Bank

Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

In 2019, around 17,000 people fled Ukraine for Georgia seeking refuge. In Georgia, CARE took action by providing aid to the arriving Ukrainians.

We distributed important items like hygiene kits to those who had come to the country, and also established an information desk at the Kutaisi International Airport, offering valuable assistance and information to new arrivals.

The CARE team in the Caucasus region provided daily consultations to Ukrainian citizens seeking help – with over 300 individuals receiving crucial information, including emergency contacts and details about services available in Georgia, in their native language.

CARE also provided financial assistance to about 2,000 people over a three-month period. Partnering with a local organisation, there was a focus on legal services to provide legal aid, psychological support, protection, and case management to refugee women and children, ensuring their well-being during a challenging time.

© Natia Nadirashvili/CARE Caucuses

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