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Building resilience with vulnerable communities in Peru. Donate now.

Building resilience with vulnerable communities in Peru. Donate now.

CARE has been working in Peru since 1952, with a focus on education.

After the 1970 earthquake in the Hauylas Mountains, we provided emergency relief and reconstructed water systems. Our efforts expanded to include reforestation, natural resource management, small business development, and health promotion in the 90s.

Today, CARE has empowered over 1.2 Million people in Peru, including; LGBTQI+ populations, indigenous communities, rural populations, and women facing violence. Our programs aim to achieve Sustainable Development Goals related to gender equality, clean water, sustainable land ecosystems, and climate action.

Our work focuses on helping vulnerable populations:

  • Enhancing resilience through water resource management and community adaptation to the climate emergency.
  • Improving access to quality health and education services.
  • Sharing capacity and knowledge for advocacy and leadership.
  • Assisting with basic social services and livelihood recovery after emergencies like natural disasters and migration crises.

Additionally, we are actively responding to the Venezuelan migrant and refugee crisis in Peru by providing assistance such as cash transfers, water, sanitation, hygiene kits, shelter, and psychosocial support.

Fast Facts

Population: 32,440,172 (2023 est.)
Life expectancy: 68.94 years (65.38 years male, 72.67 years female) (2023 est.)
Infant mortality: 10.8 deaths/1,000 live births (2023 est.)
Under-5 mortality*: 14.1 deaths/1,000 live births (2021 est.)
Access to improved drinking water: 94% (97.2% urban, 82.4% rural)
Access to improved sanitation: 87.4% (93.6% urban, 65.3% rural)
Percentage of seats held by women in national parliament^: 40% (2022 est.)
GDP per capita: $12,500 (2021 est.)

Source: CIA World Factbook, *UNICEF, ^World Bank

She Feeds the World

Women account for nearly half of all agricultural labor in developing countries and work as much as 13 hours more per week than men, often without training, proper tools, like seeds and fertilisers, and rights to their land.

CARE has joined forces with The PepsiCo Foundation to create She Feeds the World. A commitment to empower women in agriculture and tackle gender inequality. The $18.2 million investment is set to span six years (2018-2024), reaching 5 million women farmers and their communities worldwide.

She Feeds the World’s (SFtW) goal is to improve the food security and nutrition of poor rural households, with a strong emphasis on women small-scale producers.

The grant not only provides essential resources but also offers comprehensive training to enhance crop yields and income for these women.

Focusing on communities where PepsiCo operates, the partnership is making remarkable progress. The programs are ongoing in Peru, Egypt, Vietnam, and Thailand. Looking ahead, The PepsiCo Foundation’s dedication to scaling the initiative will bring She Feeds the World to India, Pakistan, and Colombia in 2023.

© 2019 Jake Lyell/CARE
© 2019 Jake Lyell/CARE

In Peru, over 3,100 kitchen gardens or animal rearing farms started in SFtW households – with the average monthly income of these households increasing by 34.5%.

She Feeds the World is fostering positive change in the lives of women farmers and their communities, making agriculture a more inclusive and empowering field.

Pictured above is Milagros, with her daughter, watering their garden that provides nutritious meals as part of the family’s inclusion in the initiative.

Pictured to the left is Juana, harvesting her farm of fresh strawberries as she takes part in the initiative.

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