Where the money goes Where the money goes

We work hard to ensure your donation makes the biggest impact. CARE Australia spent 90% of total expenditure on our programs in 2016.

3% is spent on administration and our talented people and 7% is reinvested to raise future funds.

Program costs include community education activities undertaken in Australia  to raise awareness of poverty overseas. Community education accounts for 2% of total expenditure

For more information, please visit our Annual Reports page.

Thanks to your support, in our last financial year, over $59 million was spent on international programs, bringing people out of poverty and making a more sustainable equal world.

Like all organisations, our work relies on administration spending. Our expert staff, strong accountability measures and world-class computer infrastructure all contribute to a better organisation and better aid outcomes. That’s why when a small fraction of your donation goes to administration, it’s not taking away from the life-changing work that we do – it’s supporting it.

Overseas programs

CARE Australia helped improve the lives of more than 2.8 million people in 23 countries across South and South-East Asia, the Middle East, the Carribean and Africa in 2015. Visit our Where we work section for more information.

Our staff

CARE Australia’s staff are committed to improving the lives of poor communities, bringing compassion and experience to CARE’s work in developing countries.

In 2016, 94 per cent of staff were local citizens of the countries in which we work, reflecting our commitment to empower local people and ensure lasting impact.

For more information about fundraising or administration at CARE Australia, please download our Annual Report.