Donations needed for Tonga volcano & tsunami survivors

ByCARE Australia January 21, 2022 0 comments

As the destruction in Tonga is revealed, the international aid organisation CARE has set up a dedicated fund for Australians to donate to support the survivors of Saturday’s volcano eruption and tsunami. 

CARE Australia’s Director of International Programs and Operations, David Sims, said there was widespread need across Tonga. 

“People whose homes, crops and water sources have been damaged by the tsunami or polluted by the ash fall need immediate assistance,” Mr Sims said.

CARE works with two local organisations in Tonga, MORDI Tonga Trust and the Talitha Project.

“Local organisations in Tonga are skilled in responding to emergencies and have good relationships with local communities, so CARE will be supporting them rather than sending in international staff.

“This will also help limit the potential spread of COVID-19 to Tonga, which has only ever had one confirmed case and is currently COVID-19 free.” 

On Thursday, CARE sent 1,000 tarpaulins and around 700 kits with essential hygiene items on the HMAS Adelaide, which left Brisbane for Tonga. CARE’s partner MORDI Tonga Trust also had pre-positioned emergency stocks in Tonga. 

“Donations will provide immediate lifesaving support and will also help the long-term recovery for those who have lost their homes, livelihoods and farmland,” Mr Sims said. 

“The impacts of this disaster will be felt for months and years to come and any support Australians can provide will be a great help.” 

Donations can be made at

For media enquiries, contact Iona Salter on 0413 185 634

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