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Latest news and announcements.

Latest news and announcements.

Mar 1

Joint NGO Statement Calling on UN Security Council to Pass Gaza Ceasefire Resolution

ByCARE Australia March 1, 2024 0 comments

A Palestinian man is selling canned food to displaced people who have fled their homes in the northern Gaza Strip, at a market in Rafah city, near the Egyptian border in southern Gaza.

The UN Security Council has received a stark warning of the consequences of inaction regarding the crisis in Gaza, as the UN warns at least 576,000 people in the Gaza Strip are facing famine-like conditions as a result of the conflict in its latest report released to the…

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Feb 22

CARE on the two-year mark of the war in Ukraine: Life on the frontline is a daily lottery

ByCARE Australia February 22, 2024 0 comments

Photos taken in Izium, Donestk Oblast, East Ukraine. A destroyed residential building which was hit by a missile directly.

Dnipro-Odesa-Kyiv-Lviv, Ukraine – As February 24th marks the somber anniversary of the escalation of conflict in Ukraine, the world reflects on two years of relentless turmoil, suffering and devastation. The ongoing war has brought unprecedented challenges, leaving millions on the frontlines grappling with fear, uncertainty and dire living conditions. CARE is…

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Feb 13

CARE Australia appoints Morgana Ryan as interim CEO

ByCARE Australia February 13, 2024 0 comments

Last week, CARE Australia welcomed former board member Morgana Ryan as the new interim CEO, for a period of six months. Morgana commenced her transition on Monday 5th February, initially on a part-time basis, but moving to full-time prior to outgoing CEO Peter Walton’s departure in early March. Morgana joins…

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Feb 9

CARE statement on the grave humanitarian consequences of a military operation in Rafah   

ByCARE Australia February 9, 2024 0 comments

A Palestinian family who has been displaced sits in a tent, cooking over a wood fire due to the lack of cooking gas and electricity in a makeshift camp in Rafah city near the border with Egypt.

A full-scale military operation in Rafah would have devastating consequences for civilians in Gaza who have endured more than four months of trauma, extreme hunger, lack of water, disease, and extremely limited medical resources due to the conflict and siege of the enclave.  To date, at least 27,840…

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Feb 5

Türkiye and northwest Syria: Millions Affected by Earthquakes Brace for Winter as Humanitarian Response Remains Underfunded

ByCARE Australia February 5, 2024 0 comments

This Tuesday, February 6, marks one year since a series of earthquakes struck southern Türkiye and northwest Syria. Across the most severely affected regions, thousands of families continue to face recovery challenges amidst temperatures hovering close to or below 0°C, while the humanitarian response remains largely underfunded, posing severe risks for the…

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Feb 1

CARE warns that people in Gaza suffer “slow death” even when surviving bombs

ByCARE Australia February 1, 2024 0 comments

Almost four months after the October 7th attacks and the devastating conflict in Gaza, CARE warns that over two million Palestinians are at risk of dying of hunger and preventable diseases. Over 80% of the population is displaced, with many setting up makeshift shelters from salvaged material unable to protect children, pregnant…

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