Solar Water Distillation Units Solar Water Distillation Units

Between 2022-2023, CARE Australia supported Live and Learn Environmental Education (LLEE) Kiribati in partnership with the Australian High Commission and Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, to deliver a response addressing the El-Nino provoked drought conditions across Kiribati.

CARE’s partner, LLEE Kiribati, installed Solar Water Distillation Units (SWDU) to eight locations across South Tarawa and conducted vital information and awareness sessions with the communities. Many of the SWDUs were installed adjacent to community centres known as “Maneabas” or co-located with community kindergartens. In this way the teachers and children directly benefiting from the provision of safe drinking water provided by the units also took responsibility for care and maintenance.

Here, (former) Live and Learn Kiribati team member Toaki Arinoko explains how the SWDU’s work, using the SWDU installed at the Te Toa Matoa Centre (the national body run by, and representing, people with disabilities in Kiribati).