Across the Asia and Pacific regions, women are forced to spend precious hours walking to collect dirty, undrinkable water for their families.

With your support, we’re working with women, children and communities so they have access to their basic needs and rights, including access to clean water

“Sometimes my family would ignore good hygiene practices because there wasn’t enough water. Now I can access clean water easily.” — Deliana

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Adercia’s story

Adercia lives in a remote, mountainous community in Timor-Leste — where women like her often have to walk hours every day to collect water from a murky river.

They’ve made the long, dangerous trek since they were girls. They’ve walked when they were heavily pregnant mothers and while breastfeeding their babies. It’s their job to fetch lifesaving water for their families — simply because they are women.

Adercia knows that water is what so much else rests on for women and their children — their health, their livelihoods, their chance of an education. She told my colleague:

“Because the river is far away, our children had to walk to the river around 4am or 5am to bathe before school.”

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