Help women facing conflict and crises.

Help women facing conflict and crises.

Too many women living in conflict and crisis face devastating risks to their safety. But despite the huge, heavy burden they carry, women are often denied the resources and decision-making power to take control of their lives in difficult times.

Your urgent gift today will provide women and their communities with immediate assistance needed to survive a disaster or conflict, such as food, shelter, water and hygiene kits. And it will also provide women with the tools and opportunities they need to rebuild their lives and take control of their futures.

And if you give now your donation will be doubled* — having twice the impact!

When it comes to ending poverty and making communities resilient in times of conflict and crisis, women are the answer.

Halutu’s story

Halatu arrived at a Ugandan refugee camp after fleeing violence in South Sudan with her children. Life in the camp was challenging, but Halatu discovered her inner leader through CARE-led training to inspire positive change.

Halatu has been instrumental in creating safe spaces for women to gather. She even recently campaigned for the food distribution point to be moved closer to her community to protect women from being attacked while walking to collect food.

“I looked for other women and told them that we form a group to support each other and build emotional support … I can now stand on my own.”
With her newfound strength, she has also taken out a loan that will enable her to start a small business creating handcrafts and sandals, for a source of income to support her children.

Supporting women in times of conflict and crisis will give communities the best chance of survival and recovery.

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*Any additional gifts above the $50,000 matched funding donation will go where they are needed most, helping to fight poverty and save lives.

Image credits © Dotnotion/CARE. CARE supports women like Malia in crises because they will use the opportunities and resources they are given to also improve the lives of those around them.