Recover lives, rebuild homes Recover lives, rebuild homes

Help women save lives and rebuild homes

Help women save lives and rebuild homes

There isn’t time to lose for our Pacific neighbours. The Asia and Pacific regions are the most disaster prone in the world and climate change is making disasters more severe and frequent.

Resilient women, families and communities in places like Vanuatu are working to rebuild their homes and lives in the wake of recent disasters.

With your support, CARE Australia can continue working with local partners and community leaders to provide vital supplies like secure shelter when disaster strikes.

Shelley’s story

On the night Cyclone Harold hit Pentecost Island, Vanuatu in 2020, Shelley, and a number of other families, sheltered in her kitchen — the only building still intact in their village because of her fast-thinking decision to reinforce the thatched roof before the storm hit. Shelley and her neighbours huddled shoulder to shoulder. 

Shelley’s friends and family all survived that terrible night. But their village was a wasteland. Debris lay scattered from the beach to the bush. The surrounding trees stood naked, stripped of greenery.

“It was devastating. We came outside but you couldn’t see any houses.”

In the aftermath of the storm, Shelley’s community worked together to begin rebuilding their lives. When we met Shelley, her village was using Tool Kits they received as part of CARE’s collaboration with local partner, ShelterBox. 

“Because you gave the spades, shovels, all those things it means we were able to rebuild our houses, and now the houses are finished we can go and work in our gardens.” 

The support you show today will mean more women like Shelley can receive the lifesaving tools they need to not only recover from crisis, but lead their families and communities out of hardship and poverty once and for all.

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Your donation will go where it is needed most at this time. It will support women who are working hard to defeat poverty and build better lives for themselves and for their families and communities.