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Latest news and stories from CARE's work in the field

Latest news and stories from CARE's work in the field

Feb 13

Messages of hope for Australian bushfire survivors from Syrian refugees

By CARE Australia February 13, 2020 37 comments

There are no kangaroos in Syria or Jordan, but nine-year-old twin brothers Anas and Ayman couldn’t stop thinking about the Australian animals and people affected by the ongoing bushfires. Syrian refugees living in Jordan, Anas and Ayman first heard about the out-of-control bushfires that have ravaged…

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Jan 15

Kindness changes lives

By CARE Australia January 15, 2020 1 comment

You have never met these people. But kind supporters like you have changed each of their lives, and brought hope to their children.  They are all examples of the incredible difference you make as a CARE supporter. Grace in Uganda You may remember…

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Dec 16

See the most stunning images from 2019

By CARE Australia December 16, 2019 8 comments

As we farewell 2019, we wanted you to see five photos of some of the people your generous support has made a difference to this past year.  Five photographers have shared their favourite images from the work they saw CARE implementing this year. They are all…

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Oct 24

Sydney Morning Herald journalists win award for Papua New Guinea story

By CARE Australia October 24, 2019 0 comments

Journalist Matt Wade and photographer Louise Kennerley have been honoured for their outstanding coverage of Papua New Guinea’s multiple health crises, which was made possible by CARE Australia.  The annual award was presented by the Australian Council for International Development  (ACFID),…

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Oct 14

New Australian film Buoyancy shines a light on modern slavery

By CARE Australia October 14, 2019 0 comments

A new film from Australian writer-director Rodd Rathjen is shining a light on human trafficking and modern forms of slavery in our part of the world.  Inspired by real events, Buoyancy tells the story of Chakra, a teenage boy from Cambodia who is tricked into working on a Thai fishing…

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Oct 11

Lives put on hold by war, these girls won’t sit still

By CARE Australia October 11, 2019 3 comments

When war breaks out, girls’ lives are uprooted in unimaginable ways. War denies girls an education, forces them to flee their homes, and puts them at higher risk of abuse and exploitation. But despite the immense setbacks and dangers they face, many of the girls we meet in our work…

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Aug 21

Incredible women humanitarians: Vanuatu’s Marie Toto

By CARE Australia August 21, 2019 7 comments

Marie registers evacuees after the 2018 Ambae Island volcano eruption.

Aid workers make amazing sacrifices to help vulnerable people. World Humanitarian Day was 19 August, so we’re celebrating the people who make CARE’s lifesaving work possible – people like Marie Toto in Vanuatu. Marie’s job with CARE is to travel all over the islands of Vanuatu, training people to…

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Aug 19

Meet the aid worker helping Yazidi women put their lives back together after ISIS

By CARE Australia August 19, 2019 0 comments

CARE’s Nizhan Ramadhan (right) helps women and girls who have fled war and violence in Iraq.

When you hear the phrase “aid worker”, what picture comes to mind? Probably a khaki-clad hero working far from home, right? Maybe an Australian? While it’s true some aid workers travel – and there are many heroic Aussies out there – the vast majority of people who carry out lifesaving…

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