Preparing for disaster Preparing for disaster

A dollar spent before an emergency can go sevens time further

A dollar spent before an emergency can go sevens time further

Disaster Preparedness

CARE is one of the world’s leading humanitarian agencies. But as well as providing lifesaving aid when disaster strikes, we also help vulnerable communities to plan and prepare for disasters in order to reduce their impact.

Being prepared saves lives, and it also saves money. Every gift that helps a community prepare for an emergency, like drought-resistant seeds, has up to seven times the impact of a donation made during an emergency response.

Stockpiling goods can save time and money, both of which are critical during an emergency response. Helping to stock CARE’s warehouse, provided by DFAT with items like emergency shelter kits means that we have the tools and supplies needed respond quickly when needed.

We don’t have to wait for an emergency to happen either – there are actions we can take now to help families reduce their risk to any disaster – including cyclones, earthquakes, floods, droughts and tsunamis. Developing emergency plans, early warning systems and reinforcing buildings can all help families survive. Here is a short article on how we are working to reduce the impact of disasters in Vanuatu, the country with the single greatest risk of a natural disaster.

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CARE will use donations to our Global Emergency Fund to provide emergency relief and services to those who need them most. This will help the world’s most vulnerable people prepare for, and recover from, emergencies and disasters.