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The impact of your generosity.

The impact of your generosity.

Thanks to our supporters, CARE Australia were able to directly assist more than 1.44 million people across 14 countries.

Thank you to all of our supporters for helping us rise to these challenges and continue to help millions of people in need. None of our work would be possible without our supporters, and we sincerely thank you for your generosity.

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Historical Annual Reports

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Annual report 2022/21

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Annual financial statements (1MB)

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Annual report 2021/20

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Annual financial statements (2MB)

Annual report 2019/20

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Annual financial statements (2MB).

Past Annual Reports (2001-2016)

2018/19 (4MB)

2017/18 (11MB)

2016/17 (7MB)

2015/16 (7MB)

2014/15 (6MB)

2013/14 (6MB)

2012/13 (6MB)

2011/12 (6MB)

2010/11 (5MB)

2009/10 (5MB)

2008/09 (3MB)

2007/08 (2MB)

2006/07 (2MB)

2005/06 (2MB)

2004/05 (800KB)

2003/04 (2MB)

2002/03 (2MB)

2001/02 (2MB)

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