What We Do

CARE Australia is working to create a more equal world

About CARE Australia and What We Do

We share with our supporters the desire for everyone to have a fair chance in life, an equal opportunity. For over 70 years, CARE has been providing assistance to those in poverty regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

We have learnt from our work across 94 countries that when inequality is tackled, long-term lasting change is possible.

We put women and girls at the heart of our work. With them getting equal opportunities, we can hope to end poverty more effectively. That’s what we do.

Fast Facts

  • In 2018/19, CARE Australia assisted over 2.7 million people across 25 countries in the world.
  • 90 cents in every $1 spent went to our programs.
  • We responded to 14 emergencies across 21 countries.
  • More than 30,600 donors contributed over $11.2 million.
  • 96% of our staff are local to the country they work in.

Empowering women and girls - CARE Australia We care to empower women and girls

Women and girls bear the brunt of poverty; too often girls miss out on school, women do not have secure, paid employment, and die needlessly during pregnancy and childbirth.

We support women and girls to have the same opportunities as men and boys, and work to reduce violence. Learn more.

Education is essential in overcoming poverty - CARE AustraliaWe care for a lifetime of learning

Millions of children never make it to school or drop out before they have learned to read and write. Yet education can transform lives and is one of the best ways of helping communities break free from poverty.

CARE is helping boys and girls go to school, and enabling adults learn important life skills. Learn more.

Healthy lives - CARE Australia We care for healthy lives

Poverty and poor health are closely connected. CARE is working to ensure better health through clean water and healthy habits. We are helping communities protect and build safe water sources and toilets. Learn more.

Many women are dying every day from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Moreover, millions of children under the age of five are dying every year. We are working hard to improve antenatal care for women, and to keep babies free from deadly diseases. Learn more.

End hunger, fight poverty, create and equal world - CARE AustraliaWe care to end hunger

One in nine people around the world do not have enough food to lead healthy and productive lives. Millions of children under five die each year because of malnutrition. Inefficient farming practices and a changing climate are threats to regular food supplies to poor families.

CARE is working to overcome hunger and improve nutrition for all by providing food, seeds, tools and information about better farming. Learn more.

Caring for families during a crisis - CARE AustraliaWe care for families in emergencies and crises

Right now, the needs of families caught up in emergencies and crises are immense. As conflicts rage in many parts of the world, we are witnessing the largest global displacement of people from their homes since the Second World War.

CARE Australia takes action immediately as disaster strikes. We are committed to help people affected by humanitarian crises with lifesaving assistance. Learn more.

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What we include in our work

Governance icon


Good governance means giving people opportunities to participate and be represented in the decisions that will affect them most. Learn more.



CARE Australia is striving to ensure disability inclusion is part of all of our development and humanitarian programs. Learn more.


Climate Change

The world’s poorest people are experiencing the impact of climate change with devastating consequences. Learn more.


Lessons and Impact

CARE sees impact as lasting, positive change in the lives of poor and vulnerable communities. Learn more.