Update from CARE Australia on the landslide in Enga, PNG, including launch of humanitarian appeal

ByCARE Australia May 27, 2024 0 comments

The Provincial Disaster Management Office, the Enga Provincial Health Authority, the Provincial Police Force, the PNG Defense Force, and United Nations agencies (International Organization for Migration and UNDP), were quick to deploy teams who have assessed the situation over recent days, of the landslide which occurred in Enga Province in Papua New Guinea at 3am Friday morning, PNG time.

Yambali Ward in Enga Province has been severely affected. Reports from the authorities are that sadly, over 60 homes have been destroyed, and at present, all members of these households remain unaccounted for. More homes could be at risk if the landslide continues down the mountain, particularly in Lapak Ward and Kaundak Ward (both in Enga Province).

There are nearly 4000 people living in the areas where the landslide occurred, however the total number of those affected is likely to be higher, as Yambali Village has been a place of refuge for those displaced by conflicts in nearby wards and villages.

The landslide has debris between 6 metres and 8 metres deep, and over 200 square kilometres of land has been affected, including 150 metres of the main highway into Enga Province. As the only highway into Enga, this is making relief efforts difficult.

Those affected, urgently need supplies of food, water and shelter. CARE International PNG is working to deliver emergency relief with an initial supply of food, water and basic hygiene. In the recovery phase, CARE will support communities with shelter, WASH facilities, protection and agriculture.

Donate now to provide aid and assistance to those directly displaced and affected: https://bit.ly/44ZUHqh

For media enquiries contact Briony FitzGerald on briony.fitzgerald@care.org.au or 0404 117 927

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