Cummins Powers Women Cummins Powers Women

CARE and Cummins working together to provide inclusive education for girls and safe workplaces for women

CARE and Cummins working together to provide inclusive education for girls and safe workplaces for women

Cummins powers education for girls

We work with schools, teachers, communities and governments in Asia to improve the quality of teaching and ensure no child is excluded from education.

In Cambodia, CARE has spent two decades ensuring girls from ethnic minority communities can go to school, learn in their own language and improve their career prospects. With support from Cummins, we’re ensuring more girls continue to secondary school and helping schools improve how they teach science and technology.

In Papua New Guinea, support from Cummins is helping CARE challenge social norms so more girls enrol in primary school and less of them drop out. By supporting teachers with training and resources, we’re improving teaching quality, and we’re encouraging more women to get involved with school management.

Cummins powers safe, respectful workplaces.

In Latin America, we are building on 8 years of support for domestic workers to ensure they know their rights and can connect with assistance should they need it.

Cummins is supporting CARE to adapt proven technology from Brazil for use in Colombia and Mexico. The Laudelina app—which won Google’s Social Impact Challenge in 2016—is motivating workers to connect with each other, speak out about abuse and discrimination, and strengthen the position of domestic workers in society.

Cummins also offers CARE a range of pro bono support and shared learning to reinforce our common goal of respectful, inclusive work environments.


Cummins is the world’s largest independent designer and manufacturer of diesel engines. The Cummins Powers Women program aims to create large-scale impact in the lives of women and girls globally.


Together, Cummins and CARE are helping: 165,000+ students across more than 1,000 schools in Papua New Guinea; 12,000 people in schools in Cambodia; and up to 2.2 million women workers in Mexico and 665,000 women workers in Colombia.

“Making an engine is hard. Making the world more just for women and girls is harder.”

Tom Linebarger, Cummins Inc. Chairman and CEO


“Our aligned values make the partnership more meaningful as we have a clear shared goal we’re working towards together—a future where all women around the world are included, respected and valued.”

Melinda Kenny, Head of Key Relations, CARE Australia.

Banner image: ©John Hewat/CARE