Thank you for showing you CARE for Syria Thank you for showing you CARE for Syria

Thank you for your swift response to take action for Syria. Our petition is now closed.

We greatly appreciate and send thanks to all our supporters who have responded so swiftly to the Syrian and refugee crisis over the last 7 days.

We also welcome our Government’s decision to grant new spaces for Syrian refugees. The focus on women, children and families will ensure Australia can help those most in need.  These are important steps in tackling what will be a long term issue.

Within CARE our focus remains on providing on-the-ground assistance in Syria and with those countries hosting the largest numbers of refugees – Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan – which collectively host close to 4 million people.  See the latest images and stories here. 

In the meantime, we hope that the compassion shown will give all parties renewed energy to find  longer term conflict resolution.   Until people feel safe in their homes, we will continue to struggle with a refugee crisis.

Thank you for your support.