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Latest news and stories from CARE's work in the field

Latest news and stories from CARE's work in the field

Nov 17

Cambodia: Helping Kheng keep her daughter in school

By CARE Australia November 17, 2014 0 comments

When floods destroyed Srey Kheng’s rice fields, CARE provided her with additional rice as part of the emergency response. This meant that Kheng was able to feed her family without taking her daughter out of school. ©CARE

When floods destroyed Kheng’s rice fields, CARE provided her with additional rice and she was able to keep her daughter in school.

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Aug 16

Ten things you might not know about CARE’s humanitarian work

By CARE Australia August 16, 2013 0 comments

1. Emergency response ©Brendan Brannon/CARE With on-going programs in many of the world’s most disaster-prone countries, CARE has emergency response experts already on the ground and 97 per cent of them are citizens of the countries where we work. CARE also has a team of additional emergency specialists on…

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Jul 2

Cambodia floods: longer term emergency response

By CARE Australia July 2, 2013 0 comments

By Sarah Saunders, Communications Manager, CARE Australia When the worst floods in over 10 years hit Phat Tim’s village in 2011, the impact was severe. Phat’s rice field was destroyed, her home garden was ruined and her house was damaged. Over 1.2 million people were affected by the floods in…

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Jun 5

World Environment Day: celebration or crisis?

By CARE Australia June 5, 2013 0 comments

This year’s World Environment Day should be a climate change wake-up call for us all, says Kit Vaughan, Director of CARE’s Poverty, Environment and Climate Change Network. On World Environment Day, representatives of the world’s governments are negotiating at the latest UN climate change talks in Bonn, Germany while a weather…

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Nov 4

Bangkok – a sinking ship

By CARE Australia November 4, 2011 0 comments

By Promboon Panitchpakdi, Country Director Raks Thai Foundation (CARE Thailand) We have just completed an assessment on the situation of migrant workers that are affected by the floods in a few selected areas around Bangkok. There seems to be very little emergency assistance for those workers, who have no means to support themselves. Migrant workers standing in knee-level flood. Most of them fear prosecution or extortion by authorities. They are staying in apartment buildings, on the second floor and above, holding out with very little water and food supplies. Image: Raks Thai It is a particularly difficult time because with each passing day we are hearing and seeing the floods surrounding Bangkok from all sides: the north, west and east. And in the south there is the ocean. It seems like the city is shrinking as the floods rise, giving the appearance of a sinking ship - Bangkok. There is a lot of uncertainty among the population. Today, in every shop in Bangkok and even large malls, we see empty shelves for dry food, milk, and other items for daily use.

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Aug 26

A new meaning of flood

By CARE Australia August 26, 2010 0 comments


By Deborah Underdown, CARE Media Officer, Pakistan The word flood has taken on a new meaning for me. Last month a flood was a burst water pipe in my flat in London, a few ruined carpets and the inconvenience of sleeping in my lounge. Today a flood means your entire…

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