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Latest news and stories from CARE's work in the field

Latest news and stories from CARE's work in the field

Nov 3

The house that pigs built

By CARE Australia November 3, 2015 0 comments

Ma Thi Huong participated a CARE project that gave her training and skills in pig and sow raising. This has seen her piglets gain weight faster, contract fewer diseases and therefore increase her income. With the extra income, her family has been able to build a new home. Photo: Josh Estey/CARE

Thanks to a CARE-supported project, pig farming is a becoming an unlikely poverty-fighting tool in rural Vietnam.

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Sep 23

“I’ll never abandon school”

By CARE Australia September 23, 2015 0 comments
Seven-year-old Anna Maria from Nicaragua in her school classroom.

Seven-year-old Anna Maria knows the power of a good education. "I'll never abandon school." © Nicole Capello/CARE

While some of her classmates like to daydream, seven-year-old Anna Maria* from Nicaragua never slacks off. “I love to study,” she says “And I love my school because it is beautiful”.

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Sep 14

Bilingual education in Cambodia

By CARE Australia September 14, 2015 3 comments

Khmer – Cambodia’s national language – is the only language of instruction in public schools, but few of the ethnic groups in the north-east provinces speak or understand it. ©Laura Hill/CARE

In Cambodia, CARE is helping children from remote ethnic groups go to school and learn in their native language for the first time.

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