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Latest news and stories from CARE's work in the field

Latest news and stories from CARE's work in the field

Jan 17

Suffering in silence: 10 humanitarian crises you haven’t heard of

By CARE Australia January 17, 2017 0 comments

In 2016, we saw many news-breaking humanitarian crises. We watched the ongoing conflict in Syria, desperate refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea, and Hurricane Matthew decimating Haiti. Yet these headlines were just the tip of an ever-growing humanitarian iceberg. Underneath these more visible crises lay many more that never made it…

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Jun 20

A Decade of Displacement

By CARE Australia June 20, 2016 0 comments

While we consider the topic of asylum seekers a pressing political issue here in Australia, the truth is we receive about one half of a per cent of all the refugees in the world. By contrast, Sub-Saharan Africa hosts more than 26 per cent of the world’s refugee population. The…

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Feb 12

Syrian newlyweds hope love can keep them warm

By CARE Australia February 12, 2016 0 comments
Noor and Amfiraz are refugees from Syria.

After marrying in their native Syria, Noor and Amfiraz fled for their lives. © CARE

Often when people meet the love of their life, they can’t wait to start their lives together. But what if soon after marrying, conflict in your homeland forced you to flee for your lives? For Noor and Amfiraz, there has been no honeymoon, only a fraught journey across the continent in search of refuge.

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