Expression of Interest

The Candidate Database allows you to enter an expression of interest in working or volunteering with CARE Australia. The Human Resources Branch will store your resume and details for 12 months, for potential vacancies or consultancies, and may share these details with other operational departments within CARE Australia to assess your suitability for any potential vacancies.

Please complete the online Candidate Database Application Form and send a current resume to

You will only be contacted if the selection panel for an appropriate vacancy is interested in interviewing you or requires further information.

CARE Australia Candidate Database Application Form
Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
1 * Personal details:
 First name:
 Last name:
 Deemed Country of residence:
 Email address:
 Phone Number:
2 * Area(s) of interest
3 * Qualifications:
4 * Current employer:
 Position title:
5 * Type of job in order of preference (1 being most preferred)
Fixed term contract
Permanent contract
Volunteering in Canberra or Melbourne
6 * Work pattern
7 Area(s) of speciality:
Human Resources
Information Technology
Marketing & Communications
Safety & Security
Water Saniatation & Hygiene
Emergency Response
International Programs
Gender, Equity & Diversity
Quality & Impact
Climate Change
Infrastructure / Construction
Food Security & Nutrition
Proposal writing
Monitoring & Evaluation
Disaster Risk Reduction
8 Field Experience:
 Do you have experience working for a Humanitarian Aid Organisation in a country other than your deemed country of residence?
 How many years field experience do you have?
9 Country/ location of interest:
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