Three years on from famine, Somalia now at high risk of relapse

By CARE Australia July 22, 2014 0 comments


Three years after famine was declared in Somalia, CARE has joined other aid agencies to warn the global community that the east African nation is now at high risk of relapse unless support is significantly increased.

During the famine, 260,000 Somali lives were lost to hunger, malnutrition and disease. In the three years since famine was declared, the number of people in urgent need in Somalia has reduced from four million to 2.9 million as a result of moderate improvements in funding, access and conditions on the ground.

Aid agencies including CARE have stepped up their support to affected Somalis to not only help them recover, but also to avert another crisis.

This work has focused on achieving sustainable, flexible and long-term solutions to Somalia’s drought and food crisis.

Yet the moderate gains made in Somalia are now at risk of being reversed because of an extremely poor rainy season, inadequate funding, conflict and displacement.

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