Official Statement: Syrian Refugee Crisis

By CARE Australia September 8, 2015 0 comments
Syrian woman

©Anders Nordstoga/CARE

CARE Australia supports calls for Australia to increase its overall refugee intake and aid funding for humanitarian programs.

This is a tragedy on a scale that is unparalleled in recent history. There are over 4 million Syrians who have fled to neighbouring countries as well as millions more displaced within Syria. It is the biggest single source of refugees in the world.

The fighting is now almost in its fifth year – this is a long term crisis. For most refugees, there is no escape. CARE calls on all parties to ensure the protection of civilians, and to facilitate the delivery of much needed humanitarian assistance.

This is not a European issue. This is a global issue and it demands a global response.

In order to address the root causes compelling people to become refugees, the Australian government should invest more in conflict prevention and peace building, as well as in longer-term sustainable development.

While the world’s attention is fixed on the dire situation in Syria, it is worth remembering they are not alone. Refugees from Yemen, Iraq, Libya, South Sudan and the other war-torn nations around the world, are equally deserving of our compassion.

CARE continues to call for a peaceful and political resolution to the conflict in Syria, reached through open dialogue with all parties.

CARE’s provision of life-saving services to Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Turkey, and to people affected by the crisis in Syria, has reached more than a million people. CARE is currently providing food, water and other support to refugees arriving in Serbia.

CARE is an impartial and neutral organisation. Our support to families affected by the crisis in Syria is based on humanitarian needs alone, no matter which religion, political affiliation or ethnicity people belong to.

Donate to CARE’s Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal today.

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