Sick of baaaad Father’s Day gifts? Give a lamb instead!

By CARE Australia September 2, 2014 0 comments


With Australians set to spend more than $730 million on Father’s Day gifts this weekend, CARE Australia is urging sons and daughters to give a gift with a difference.

CARE Australia spokesperson Lucy Runnalls, said that by choosing to swap one Father’s Day gift for a CAREgift (, families could make a life-changing impact on another family in a poor country.

‘Australians will spend an average of $51.60 on their dads this weekend. CARE Australia has lots of gifts under $50 that will put a smile on any dad’s face, but also help dads in poor countries around the world provide and care for their families.

‘For instance, instead of spending $45 on a new tie, consider buying a goat that will provide a poor family with nutritious milk to drink and sell. Alternatively, rather than splashing out on a new DVD box set, buy a fish farm for $35 and give an entire community in a developing country access to nutritious food!’

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