Severe floods hits Myanmar, Bangladesh and India

By CARE Australia August 3, 2015 0 comments

Heavy monsoon rains have caused flooding and landslides throughout Asia including in Myanmar, Bangladesh and India.

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Myanmar has been worse hit, with the floods killing dozens of people and affecting hundreds of thousands of residents. CARE Australia is trying to reach some of the most affected areas to distribute emergency relief supplies.

“We’re expecting the death toll to rise in northern areas, which have been devastated by flooding and landslides caused by incessant monsoon rains and the effects of Cyclone Komen hitting Bangladesh,” said Stav Zotalis, CARE Myanmar’s Country Director.

“It’s extremely difficult to get clear information because communication networks have been badly affected,” Ms Zotalis said. “CARE staff have joined teams assessing the damage. Safe drinking water, food and basic shelter appear to the greatest needs right now.”

CARE Australia will provide further updates as they become available.

CARE in Myanmar

CARE has worked in Myanmar since 1995 with the aim to improve the lives of people in poor communities through empowerment of women and their communities. CARE has 10 offices throughout in Myanmar, with over 290 staff members working across the country.

CARE Australia is also responding in Bangladesh, continuing the relief effort following on from the June flooding, also caused by Cyclone Komen. The situation following flooding in north-western India by the same cyclone is also being monitored.

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