Aid cuts damage Australia’s investment in our region: CARE

By CARE Australia December 1, 2014 0 comments

CARE Australia is concerned by reports that the Australian Government is considering more cuts to Australian aid.

Reports suggest Cabinet is considering further cuts to the Australian aid program, which was hit with a $7.6 billion cut in the May budget, on top of a series of major cuts made during 2012 and 2013.

CARE Australia CEO, Dr Julia Newton‐Howes AM said:

“If the Australian Government is genuine in its desire to demonstrate its leadership in the Indo‐Pacific, making yet another cut to our country’s aid program is not the way to do this,” Dr Newton‐Howes said.

“If this speculation is indeed true, then we urge the Government to reconsider.

“Chipping away at the Australian aid budget will not only have serious impacts on some of the world’s poorest people, but will also severely damage Australia’s diplomatic and trade efforts in our region.

“Australia’s aid program is an important investment in the future of the Indo‐Pacific region. Our aid investments go a long way to helping people access health, education and economic opportunities. Cuts to aid have serious direct consequences – it could mean fewer midwives for pregnant women in remote Papua New Guinea or fewer school places for children in the poorest parts of Timor‐Leste.

“We strongly urge Cabinet to leave Australia’s already severely‐cut aid budget alone.”

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