Yemen: dozens killed in airstrike near Saudi border

ByCARE Australia August 10, 2018 0 comments

Exactly one week after dozens of people were killed in suspected mortar attacks in Yemen’s Hodeidah City, at least 20 people have died when an airstrike hit a bus in the country’s north. Many of the dead were children travelling in a bus in Sa’ada, Dahian district, near the border with Saudi Arabia.

CARE’s Yemen Country Director Johan Mooij said it was Yemen’s civilian population that was again bearing the brunt of the conflict.

“This latest airstrike, only a week after the attacks on Hodeidah city, demonstrates a continued disregard for human life and suffering,” he said.

“It is beyond cruel. Innocent children’s lives have been lost.”

The civil war in Yemen has lasted more than three years, with the UN calling it the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Conservative estimates suggest 10,000 people have died, but the reality is many thousands more may have lost their lives. More than 22 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection, with more than 8 million people already facing the risk of starvation.

“This latest violation of international humanitarian law is another outrage in a war that does not need to be happening,” Mr Mooij said.

“The people of Yemen are already facing unimaginable horrors. CARE strongly urges all parties to the conflict to cease the violence and bring peace to Yemen.”

CARE has worked in Yemen since 1992 and is one of few international aid agencies continuing to deliver humanitarian services under extremely challenging circumstances. CARE is focusing on making sure people in the hardest-hit and most hard-to-reach areas have access to emergency supplies, and assistance to meet their basic needs. For information about CARE’s work in Yemen, go to

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