CARE welcomes funding to tackle gender equality in developing countries

ByCARE Australia March 9, 2017 0 comments

The Federal Government announced today that six Australian non-government organisations will receive grants totaling $10 million to promote the rights of women and girls.

CARE will use the funds towards the Enhancing Women’s Voice to Stop Sexual Harassment (STOP) program across Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. CARE will work with women and partners in the private sector and government to decrease sexual harassment towards women who work in garment factories.

CARE Australia’s Chief Executive, Sally Moyle, said the Australian Government’s funding commitment would help make workplaces safer for women.

“Sexual harassment is a far too common problem in the workplace. This funding will make sure women have better protection and sexual harassment is prevented and reduced,” she said.

“Sexual harassment affects women economically – their performance may suffer and they are more likely to miss work entirely. It also sends a message that violence against women is accepted.”

CARE is committed to supporting poor women and girls to confront gender-based violence, which affects at least one in three women worldwide.

Ms Moyle said women and girls experienced a disproportionate level of sexual harassment in the workplace.

“Ultimately this harassment prevents women from leading full and productive lives.”

The STOP program builds on CARE’s extensive experience working with women in the Mekong region, including existing CARE training programs that educate workers and employers on sexual harassment and relevant laws and policies.

CARE Australia is an international humanitarian aid organisation fighting poverty, with a special focus on working with women and girls to bring lasting change to their communities. Find out more about CARE’s work at


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