CARE statement on the consensus reached at the ASEAN summit on Myanmar

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CARE statement on the consensus reached at the ASEAN summit on Myanmar from Deepmala Mahla, CARE’s Vice President of Humanitarian Affairs: 

“CARE welcomes the consensus reached by ASEAN member state leaders in Jakarta on Saturday to call for the cessation of violence in Myanmar, and for constructive dialogue to commence between all parties to seek a peaceful resolution to the crisis. But this needs to go further. ASEAN member states must work together, with other countries in the region and the international community, to find a durable and peaceful solution to this crisis.

“The agreement for ASEAN to provide humanitarian assistance is also welcome but it is crucial that national and international aid agencies are granted unfettered access to deliver much-needed assistance to affected communities.

“There was no mention in the summit consensus points that neighbouring countries are agreeing to grant refuge to people escaping violence and refraining from pushing back people in need of protection. Those fleeing across international borders must be offered a safe refuge.

“CARE calls on ASEAN member states to immediately formulate a clear plan to ensure that this talk turns into action. Monitoring the plan and reporting back on progress are also essential. The people of Myanmar need to feel safe and have their humanitarian needs met now.”

Founded in 1945, CARE is one of the largest and oldest humanitarian aid organisations fighting global poverty. CARE has a special focus on empowering and meeting the needs of women and girls and promoting gender equality and works in 100 countries around the world. 

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