CARE assisting following earthquake in Afghanistan

ByCARE Australia June 22, 2022 0 comments

Statement from Dr Mohammad Anwer, Head of Health Unit, CARE Afghanistan:

The powerful earthquake that struck near Khost in southeast Afghanistan early on Wednesday morning has sadly killed at least 1,000 people and injured many more. We fear that aftershocks and more landslides could cause further damage and loss of life. CARE is very concerned for the most vulnerable who may not be living in the sturdiest houses.

Today CARE sent a mobile health unit to the earthquake-affected area. The team comprises of a doctor, midwife and psychosocial and nutrition counsellors. They will provide first aid trauma care and lifesaving primary health care to those most in need. In times of emergency, pregnant and lactating women are amongst the most vulnerable. CARE is also sending emergency relief supplies to the area and plans to scale-up its response.

Note: CARE has worked in Afghanistan for many decades and already had health, education and livelihoods programs in Khost province.

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