Planning on hosting your own event or get-together for this year’s International Women’s Day? We’ve prepared some handy resources to make sure your event sparks meaningful conversations! These resources are ideal for groups of all sizes and can be a fun way to engage and interact.

Want to host an event in your workplace?

We’d love to help you create a meaningful event for International Women’s Day in your workplace. If you’d like support for your corporate event – please email Penny at In the meantime, here are some ideas to get you started:

Host a Her Circle event

You don’t have to break the bank or hire a venue to host a meaningful International Women’s Day activity. We’ve created a ready-to-go activity pack to help you facilitate a great event for your friends, group chat or colleagues. Whether it’s in-person or online, you can:

  • Hold a breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea/dinner (include a Q&A, a panel discussion or invite a guest speaker + question time. You can use our conversation cards to help guide your discussion)  
  • Host a picnic (why not make it a pot-luck/fundraiser?) and ask people to use the conversation cards
  • Take over your monthly team meeting (show the video, and break into groups to use the conversation cards)
  • Host an online webinar Q&A and use breakout rooms to let your participants use the conversation cards to have better (and more interesting!) discussions about gender, poverty and power. 

Make a donation

Help create more opportunities for women to escape poverty and bring their circle with them — every action you take as an individual or with your friends and colleagues amplifies the impact women are having in their own communities.

• Attend our CARE Australia in conversation with Grace Tame event

Bring your friends or colleagues and join Grace Tame, Natalie Kyriacou, and Kalolaine Fainu, for a virtual Her Circle event — exploring how when women lead, everyone benefits.

This virtual event will take place at 12pm on Tuesday 7 March. You can join this thought-provoking discussion by registering your details here.

Help us match her impact by amplifying Her Circle content online.

You can match the incredible impact she’s having in Her Circle by bringing four others along with you too. Your circle can be part of a huge community of people fighting for a fair world, and supporting women to defeat poverty. 

Follow us on Instagram where we’ll be creating and sharing stories of Her Circle from around our region. One of the best ways we can shine a spotlight on women is to amplify and re-share their  voices and their  stories. 
You never know who you might inspire …

Here are some shareable graphics

“Women in Super partnered with CARE Australia on our 2022 Mavis Robertson International Women’s Day lunches in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. CARE provided us with perfectly suited and eloquent speakers in each city to discuss their Her Circle campaign – a theme that tied in perfectly with our guest speaker.

They provided conversation starter cards for each of our guests, that were well-received by attendees, and provided tangible information that was illuminating and insightful. The team worked flexibly with us to fit around our existing event and together we created an event that was a triumphant return to in-person events!”

Women In Super

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