I think it is very important to hear women’s voices, especially now during this crisis.

Daria is a Ukrainian refugee who fled her home with almost nothing. Now she is an inspiring leader in Poland, supporting other Ukrainian women to find accommodation and employment opportunities in their new homeland.

“I meet a lot of women and most of them are inspiring,” Daria says. “Polish women that open their hearts to help Ukrainian women, as well as Ukrainian women who struggle and have to build their lives again … Together we can overcome all the difficulties, all the troubles; we can succeed in life and in these situations.” 

Daria not only provides immediate assistance to those in need, but also inspires strength and hope in those around her — highlighting the profound impact of the multiplier effect on women facing unimaginable challenges.



I absolutely do not want to leave. There is a war going on, and I can do something.

In the heart of Lviv, Ukraine, Victoria has created a safe haven for women and children who have lost their homes. She oversees an emergency shelter that has been the temporary home for more than 2,000 people — as well as their many pets!

Victoria knows every person and animal staying there by name, and she fosters a community where women can find solidarity with each other, and children can process their trauma through art — turning the shelter into a gallery of hope and strength.

“One day, after the war,  I would like to open an art gallery and invite the press to tell the stories of all these children,” Victoria says, highlighting her passion for amplifying the voices of the vulnerable. Her story highlights the importance of women leading in emergencies.



I believe in myself. I want to speak … I want to lead women.

Petronella leads her community’s savings group of 30 women, who pool their savings to ensure they have access to emergency funds.

“I have the hope that we 30 women will be prepared, even if a disaster occurs,” Petronella says. She encourages unity, and has created an inclusive environment that welcomes women of all abilities, and she is determined to ensure that all women have a voice and an active role in their community.

“Sometimes our leaders forget us,” Petronella says. “Especially those of us with disabilities.” She is committed to changing this narrative through her actions and leadership — a vivid illustration of the ‘multiplier effect’. 

Petronella is strengthening her community’s resilience to disasters, proving that grassroots leadership can lead to significant transformations, and that when women lead, no one is left behind. 

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