Walk In Her Shoes: Rebecca’s inspirational walk

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Rebecca Skinner has taken on the Walk In Her Shoes Challenge to raise awareness and funds for women and girls in developing countries. © Rebecca Skinner

With the Walk In Her Shoes Challenge underway, we caught up with one of our inspirational walkers, Rebecca Skinner, on how she is tackling her 50km whilst walking with Tarlov Cyst Disease.

How have you found the Walk In Her Shoes challenge so far Rebecca?

I have found the challenge fun and interesting! It has really made me think about the places that I walk and how I normally do it. Do I usually take short cuts? Do I really take note of my surroundings? Or am I just walking on auto pilot?

I’m having fun walking the long way to school with my boys and stopping to look at interesting things we see along the way. Plus it’s great to be able to take detours when we see a pretty flower or interesting tree, knowing it’s stepping up the count. It’s been really fun!

How many kilometers have you completed out of your 50km goal?

So far, I have walked 20.58 kms and counting!

How did you start your fundraising for the challenge?

I started fundraising by posting my fundraising page link on my Facebook page and letting all my friends and family know what I’m doing. When I share the link on Facebook, I ask people if they can’t afford to donate, would they please share my link so that their friends list will find out about the challenge and perhaps they can donate instead! I also let people know that every cent helps, so they don’t need to break the bank to make a donation.

I try and mention the walk to everyone I talk to throughout the day, whether it’s the lady on the checkout or my sons teacher. I try and find a way to slip it into the conversation. It’s all about getting the word out there as much as we can!

What keeps you motivated and continuing on?

What keeps me motivated to keep walking towards my 50km goal when I’m tired and sore, is the knowledge that no matter how I feel, there are women and girls out there who have it so much harder than I do! I get to go home and sit down on a comfy couch, turn on the tap and get myself a big glass of clean water – that makes me a very lucky person indeed!

I continue to ask people I know to sponsor me because I figure the worst they can do is say no and even then, I still get to spread the word about CARE Australia and the amazing work they do. It really is a win/win situation.

From 16-22 March 2015, you can join thousands of Australians taking part in CARE Australia’s Walk In Her Shoes Challenge. The money you raise by taking part will help fund CARE projects that help women, girls and entire communities overcome the devastating cycle of poverty.

To take the first step, simply register online at Walkinhershoes.org.au. 

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