Update on CARE’s Emergency Response for Myanmar refugees in Bangladesh

By CARE Australia November 22, 2017 0 comments

Right now, CARE Australia’s Chief Executive Sally Moyle is on the ground in Bangladesh, visiting the fastest growing refugee camp in the world.

It’s difficult to know how to help when faced with such a devastating humanitarian emergency. Please watch Sally’s video update to learn more.

With your support, CARE’s emergency teams are making a huge difference for the hundreds of thousands of families who have fled violence in Myanmar, but the crisis is growing as you read this. Families have found spaces to set up their makeshift homes, but their suffering is far from over. More children are being brought to CARE-supported health clinics every day with severe acute malnutrition. This means children are starving.

Please help children survive and families who have lost everything get back on their feet.

Please don’t wait. Give what you can today.

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