These women are thriving because you care

By CARE Australia January 15, 2021 0 comments

Throughout a global pandemic, and amidst climate-related disasters like the bushfires we experienced here, the kind-hearted generosity of our donors never wavered – and that support has changed lives and communities forever. 

In fact, supporters like you helped assist 2.4 million people across 25 countries in 2020!

Here are just some of the amazing women who were able to lead real change in their communities thanks to the generosity of Australians like you!

“The training we received … really helped us remain solid as a group, especially during difficult times like this one.”

Thanks to kind-hearted people like you, Aïchatou’s savings group in Niger sewed 10,000 face masks for their community, earning them an income and helping them become financially independent.

An empowered woman, Aïchatou says she, “will not stand by if anyone in her circle suffers.”


Because Australians turned their care into action, Angeline accessed the training she needed to become a mechanic. Now, she builds and maintains water pumps in Zimbabwe.

“I am good at this work because I am strong … I can see when the pipes are broken.

“I made it my life’s mission to help other people and support them when I can.”


“My husband didn’t used to help, but since the inception of the project he now fetches water, cooks meals, and cares for our children … ”

Our passionate supporters helped Jane challenge gender stereotypes in her Zambian community – stereotypes that previously prevented her having the freedom to reach her full potential and lift her family out of poverty.



“The tarpaulin has been the best thing. I am so thankful that there are people out there that have thought of us, and made it possible for us to get these things, without them our life would be much harder …

I am so very blessed to have this tarpaulin … without it we could not have come back to our house.”

Our supporters helped Risa rebuild in Vanuatu after she survived Tropical Cyclone Harold.


CARE continues to put women like Aïchatou, Angeline, Jane and Risa at the heart of everything we do – because women drive communities forward, keep them together, and time and again, prove they will lift their families out of poverty.

And we are able to help them do that because you care.

Read more about our work supporting women around the world.

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