Six days in Somaliland

By CARE Australia July 3, 2017 2 comments

Watch this heartbreaking ABC news report, from Sally Sara on Sunday 2 July, about the terrible situation in Somaliland.

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Margery Cass Jul 07 2017 at 03:07

I've been sponsoring children in Africa for over 30 years and have given to numerous appeals when there has been famine in East Africa, but this is worse. It is bound up with climate change and warfare and the refugee crisis, and my fear is that we have spent too many years hardening our hearts against refugees from Somalia and Sudan to suddenly find compassion for those who are caught in the famine. This needs a serious change of attitude - not just charitable giving, but telling our political leaders that we do believe in equality, that no one is a lesser being because they're not Australian, that we do want to save the planet and we welcome refugees regardless of their colour or religion.

Sampath Jayasuriya Jul 03 2017 at 05:07

It is well below our human dignity if we let some helpless people to die for no food. We must think where we are and why are we standing for? It's a heart breaking sight on earth. Some countries destroy their excess food to maintain the price in the market. As humans, is that the prize we concern towards the poor countries like these?


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