School starts in Azraq Camp: Getting an education as a Syrian refugee

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young girl in Syrian refugee camp participating in education program provided by CARE

Mais* (12), “I am 12 years old and I love my country. I also love school. I hope I can go back to Syria soon and finish my school there. I will start my sixth grade here in Azraq camp. I hope I will like school here as much as I liked it in Syria and that I will find new friends.” ©Johanna Mitscherlich/CARE

by Johanna Mitscherlich, Emergency Communications Coordinator, CARE International

More than 13,000 people are currently living in Azraq camp, including around 4,500 Syrian refugees between 6 and 17 years old. On 7 September, classes at the new school in Azraq camp were officially started and are run over two shifts: girls are going to school from 8-12 o’clock; boys from 12-4 o’clock.

As a lot of the children have not been to school for more than 3 years, many of them are first enrolling in informal schools that help them to prepare to join the formal education system again. The Jordanian teachers in Azraq are assisted by Syrian teachers, who are refugees themselves and live in the camp.

Assan* (5) from CARE’s centre in Azraq camp.
Assan* (5), “I have to wait one more year to go to school. My brothers are still in Syria. I want to go to school to learn something and make new friends. Until I am old enough I am playing in CARE’s centre in Azraq camp.” ©Johanna Mitscherlich/CARE


Ishda* (16), a student at Jordan's Azraq camp's school.
Ishda* (16), “I cannot wait to go back to school. Both of my parents are teachers and education has always been a top priority in our family. I love to learn. I like all the different subjects. After school I want to study journalism and report about how the Syrian people are suffering, but also about how strong they are.” ©Johanna Mitscherlich/CARE


Majd* (15), from Jordan's Azraq camp.
Majd* (15), “We came to Azraq camp a few weeks ago. I went to school in Syria, but it was very dangerous. My parents did not want me to go because of the bombs. But I insisted. I love Arabic and science. School in Azraq camp will be very different. In Syria I have my friends and I really liked my teachers. I hope that I can go back there soon. Some of my friends from Daraa are also here in Azraq.” ©Johanna Mitscherlich/CARE


Zeinah* (15), a student at Jordan's Azraq camp's school.
Zeinah* (15), “I am from Daraa, a small village in Syria. I love all the different subjects in school, but English is my favourite subject. I like football, computer, tennis and music. I like living in Azraq and I like going to school here. I always make sure to do my best in school and always do my homework. I want to succeed to have a better future.” ©Johanna Mitscherlich/CARE


Ola* (6), a soon-to-be student at Jordan's Azraq camp's school.
Ola* (6), “I am very excited to go to school the first time in my life. I heard the schools in Azraq camp are nice. I hope that I can go to school in Syria for my second grade.” ©Johanna Mitscherlich/CARE


Adnan* (10), a soon-to-be student at Jordan's Azraq camp's school.
Adnan* (10), “I registered for school yesterday. I have not been to school for three years because of the war. I have only been to school a few days in my life. There were always bombs and the school I was supposed to go to was destroyed. I want to learn how to write and make new friends. When I am older I want to become a doctor to heal the wounded.” ©Johanna Mitscherlich/CARE


Mohammad* (14), in Jordan's Azraq camp.
Mohammad* (14), “I do not want to go back to school. I have been working since the war started in Syria. There is a club for young people here in Azraq, where you can learn computer skills. This is where I want to go. I want to make sure that I can support my parents to earn money for the family. When I am older I want to be a computer specialist.” ©Johanna Mitscherlich/CARE


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