Workplace waste: $50 million to be spent on office Kris Kringles

By CARE Australia December 8, 2016 0 comments


Are you still scratching your head, wondering what to buy for that person at work you know nothing about? Wondering when you’ll find time to get to the shops to buy them some pointless trinket? You know the kind – you probably still have that Christmas hat someone gave you last year, or an unused novelty notepad gathering dust in your desk drawer.

Well, you’re not alone: 8 million Australians have been roped into giving a Kris Kringle at their workplace this year. Altogether, they’re expected to waste more than $50 million on these often unused or unwanted gifts.

The workplace is the most popular environment for the KK tradition, but a recent survey we did suggests more than 70 per cent of workplace Kris Kringlers don’t put any real thought in to the gifts they give and would rather see their money go to a good cause.

There is so much opportunity to do good this Christmas and we know that people don’t have to spend much to really make a difference.

That $50 million being wasted on corporate Christmas gifts could send more than 650,000 girls to school for a year, help five million families grow vegetables or even buy goats for another million families, providing a reliable source of milk to drink and sell.

Our CAREgifts Ambassador, the awesome Chrissie Swan, summed it up perfectly:
“Kris Kringles often mean giving and receiving cringeworthy junk! So why not save the embarrassment and for as little as $10 you can gift school books to a child in their native language or even some drought resistant seeds to allow families to grow their own food all year around?”

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Simply choose your gift and who it’s for, and the funds go to CARE’s work fighting poverty overseas –  you even get a lovely card to give to your KK recipient to let them know how much good their gift is really doing!

So, skip the awkwardness and reduce the waste this Christmas by swapping that novelty mug for school books, and the cat calendar for some warm baby blankets.

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