Sydney Morning Herald journalists win award for Papua New Guinea story

By CARE Australia October 24, 2019 0 comments

Journalist Matt Wade and photographer Louise Kennerley have been honoured for their outstanding coverage of Papua New Guinea’s multiple health crises, which was made possible by CARE Australia. 

The annual award was presented by the Australian Council for International Development  (ACFID), and recognises informed and studied media stories about humanitarian and international development issues. 

With support from CARE Australia, Wade and Kennerley travelled to Papua New Guinea in mid-2018 to hear firsthand accounts from patients, health workers and officials. 

Their story – published in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend magazine – details the many health challenges facing Australia’s closest neighbour. Polio has reemerged 20 years after it was eradicated, tuberculosis is on the rise, and many people have to walk for days to access basic health care. 

In presenting the award, ACFID President Susan Pascoe said the article combined relatable human stories with complex issues. 

“The article adeptly moves from the personal to the political, showing the courage and tenacity of Papua New Guineans facing and often overcoming extremely challenging circumstances, while also outlining the systematic failures in the healthcare system, including a lack of funding,” Ms Pascoe said. 

Read more about CARE’s work in Papua New Guinea.

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