Going without the basics for women like Edda

By CARE Australia September 14, 2012 0 comments

Given the same access to farming as men, women could grow more food and reduce the number of undernourished people by over 100 million.

Today is Go Bare day! Across Australia, and the world, people have pledged to go without the basics to raise awareness for the millions of women and girls in extreme poverty that go without the basics every day.

Women like Edda from Malawi who is the sole provider of four grandchildren. While she grows corn, cotton and peanuts, Edda can’t grow enough to feed her family all year round. Her situation is common in Malawi, where rural poverty is high, there is often not enough food and women lack social and economic support.

As difficult as her current situation is, Edda is enthusiastic about her future having joined CARE’s WE-RISE program. Funded by AusAID, the WE-RISE program is improving the lives of women in rural Malawi, providing resources and training in agriculture, micro finance and women’s advocacy.


The Bare campaign pares everything back to the basics to raise awareness of the women and girls in developing countries who lack the power to make basic choices.

Their lives of can be improved by empowering them to make decisions in their own lives, decisions such as: contraception, education and decision-making power over food, income, and other household assets.

The Bare campaign is an initiative of CARE Australia and Marie Stopes International Australia, supported by AusAID. 

It’s not too late to pledge how you will go bare today! Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter

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