“I feel like a failure. I cannot end their suffering; I have no food to feed them.”

Fainesi, 70-year-old grandmother and farmer in Malawi, in 2012 before the ‘WE RISE’ program.”

Help us reach more incredible women like Fainesi so they can lead their families out of poverty.

About the ‘WE RISE’ Program

The ‘WE RISE’ program has helped over 40,000 families in Malawi, Tanzania & Ethiopia. It’s improved quality of life, helped feed hungry families and empowered women to take charge of their lives.

It was designed specifically to support women in lifting their families
and communities out of poverty, by helping women develop their agricultural and financial knowledge.

We know the ‘WE RISE’ approach works. Because of people like you, ‘WE RISE’ has helped over 40,000 families in Malawi, Tanzania and Ethiopia by:

1. Providing a wider variety of seeds to women farmers so children have more
diverse and nutritious diets.

2. Starting Villages Savings and Loans groups where women learn how to budget, how to save and control their income, how to access loans to invest in their farms and ultimately how to participate equally in their communities.

3. Training women on farming techniques like composting and seed spacing so
even very small plots of land have a strong yield.

The WE-RISE program had a huge impact on the way Fainesi farms:

Before the program we wouldn’t count seeds. We would throw many in a hole. Now I know to plant one at a time, 70 centimetres apart. It’s the same with both the maize and groundnuts.”

She was able to afford fertiliser and also invest in some chickens. She told us that before WE-RISE:

“that prospect was impossible.”

Fainesi, Malawi

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