Vietnam and Cambodia Floods Vietnam and Cambodia Floods

From 6th October 2020, unprecedented rainfall has caused severe flooding across Vietnam and Cambodia, killing at least 120 people and displacing a further 121,000 people. More than 100,000 hectares of farmland have been destroyed and more than one million people have been affected by the rising water levels which, in some areas, have reached their highest peaks in more than 20 years.

To make matters worse, Tropical Cyclone Molave is now wreaking havoc across the region, bringing destructive winds of up to 150km/h with it, and killing at least 170 people and forcing the evacuation of a further 370,000 people.

“I have never ever witnessed such an extreme flood. The water level increased too fast. We have lost everything,” said Mai Thi Dinh, who lives in the Quang Binh province of Vietnam.

Entire villages have been destroyed by the floods, and others isolated due to destroyed roadways. CARE is on the ground in Vietnam and is launching an emergency response to provide lifesaving aid to those affected by the disaster. 

“People are in urgent need of food, clean water, water purification tablets, household kits as well as the longer-term support to build back,” said CARE Vietnam Emergency Coordinator, Tran Manh Hung.

CARE and our partners are on the ground in Vietnam working to ensure vulnerable families receive lifesaving shelter and clean water, as well as hygiene support to stop the risk of waterborne disease outbreaks in the aftermath of the floods. 

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