Indonesia Tsunami Emergency Indonesia Tsunami Emergency

Third disaster to hit Indonesia in six months

On 23 December 2018, following an eruption on Mt Krakatoa, a tsunami smashed into the coastlines along the Sundra Strait in Indonesia.

This followed an earthquake on the island of Lombok in August and a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi in September.

At least 437 people lost their lives in the latest disaster, which left 14,000 injured and 31,000 homeless.

CARE is on the ground in Indonesia, where we have worked for over 50 years.

“CARE has an office and an existing water and sanitation project in schools in Serang Regency – the worst hit area,” said Helen Vanwel, CARE Indonesia Country Director.

CARE has reached over 1,000 people with hygiene kits and is working to meet the specific needs of women and girls.

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