Global hunger crisis Global hunger crisis

Every four seconds. That’s how often people are estimated to be dying of extreme hunger right now. It didn’t happen overnight, rather the culmination of crises;

  • Extreme weather events caused by climate change, like the current drought in the Horn of Africa, as well as widespread conflict and insecurity around the world, were already having a huge impact on the availability and cost of food.
  • The heartbreaking conflict in Ukraine is also disrupting food supply for many countries around the world, adding to the current hunger crisis.

We know that most of those impacted will be women. Because when food is scarce, it’s often women who will go without so their family can eat.

Your donation before 25 December could provide critical assistance to women determined to lead their families safely through this and future crises.

Asha’s story

Somalia is in the midst of the worst drought in 40 years. Driven by climate change, it is wreaking havoc on the crops of Asha and other farmers.

Asha is a farmer living in a small village in rural Somalia. When the rains come, Asha harvests her crops every three weeks, selling her tomatoes at local markets. The money she earns buys food, medicine and other essentials for her children, keeping them well fed and healthy.

But drought has turned her field into a dust bowl. She has nothing to harvest, nothing to sell. She can only watch as her livestock — a vital source of meat and protein — get weaker and weaker because of hunger and thirst.

To make matters even worse, Asha’s own water tank has run dry. She gets water from her neighbour, but there’s never enough to go round. And Asha and her children regularly go without meals.

It’s a case of crises on top of crises for families like Asha’s.

But your donation before 25 December could help distribute urgently needed assistance to women like Asha. You can help provide them with the tools and resources they need to help feed their families right now — as well as prepare them to face future crises.