Millions of children worldwide have had their childhoods stolen by poverty, violence, or disaster.

Forced to flee their homes, taken out of school, married too young – children in places like Syria, Bangladesh and South Sudan have lived lives of fear.

Paska from South Sudan, where civil war is raging, is one of those children. Please donate today.

Paska’s story

During an attack on her village, Paska saw her parents beaten and her home burned down. She lost three siblings when they tried to escape and her family had to flee for their lives.

You can change the future for children like Paska. CARE is working with families who have fled conflict, building child-friendly spaces and providing safe housing, counselling, work opportunities, and education.

Your gift today can transform the lives of children like Paska and save their futures.

Two-year-old Paska in Torit, Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan. Her family received relief items from CARE including soap, tarpaulins, blankets, jerry cans, mats, and cloth. Their home was burnt to the ground by armed men who came to the town on 11 July 2016 and Paska lost three of her siblings who drowned trying to cross a nearby river. Their bodies washed up down river three days later.

Background: CARE has been operating in Southern Sudan since 1993, providing humanitarian relief to internally displaced people in Western Equatoria, Jonglei State and Upper Nile. South Sudan has the highest inflation rate in the world, at over 700%. The ongoing civil war has led to wide spread insecurity, hunger, and exploitation of women and girls. 1.6 million people are currently displaced and 5.1 million people are in need of aid. CARE is working in Health, Nutrition, Food and Security, Livelihoods, Peace Building and Gender.  The images were taken in and around Mankien, Unity State, South Sudan during November 2016.
1.	Yemen now has some of the greatest humanitarian needs in the world. Since the violence escalated in March 2015, the humanitarian needs have also escalated at an alarming rate. Civilians continue to pay the highest price, with deaths reaching over 6,400 , and over 21 million people--82% of the population—now in need of some form of assistance. Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East, so people were already in need before the conflict. After the conflict escalated, millions more are in dire need of food, clean water, healthcare and access to jobs.

Fast Facts

  • There are 59.3 million primary school-aged children out-of-school – more than half of them are girls.
  • Each year of schooling can boost a girl’s future earnings by 10-20 percent.
  • Over the past four decades, the global increase in women’s education has prevented more than 4 million child deaths
  • Girls who complete secondary school are six times less likely to become child brides.
  • 1 in 9 girls in developing countries is forced into marriage before her 15th birthday

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