CARE was founded in the USA in 1945. Initially an acronym for ‘Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe’, CARE sent food aid and basic supplies in the form of 'CARE packages' to post-war Europe.

Some 100 million CARE packages reached people in need during the next two decades.



In May 1946, 20,000 CARE packages reached the post of Le Havre, France. Read more ©CARE


The original CARE packages contained enough food to feed one person for 10 days, including meat, egg powder and raisins. Read more ©CARE

As the economies of the war-affected nations recovered, the focus of CARE's work shifted from Europe to the challenges of the developing world.

In the 1950s, CARE began using US surplus food to feed the hungry in developing countries. The following decade, CARE pioneered primary healthcare programs and, in the 1970s, responded to massive famines in Africa with both emergency relief and long-term agro-forestry projects. The scope of our mission has changed considerably in the decades since we began operations but our core values have remained constant.


Ingrid (third from left) with her family on Sylt
Ingrid Hurtubise and her family received a CARE package after WWII. 'I was young, maybe 5 years old, but I remember there was butter in this magical package' Read more.


CARE today

Today, CARE International is a confederation composed of 14 national members Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany-Luxembourg, India, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Thailand, the UK and the USA forming one of the world's largest independent, international emergency relief and development assistance organisations.

In 2013, CARE's activities benefitted 97 million people across 86 countries.

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CARE Australia

CARE Australia joined the CARE International family in 1987, led by former Prime Minister, the Rt Hon. Malcolm Fraser, AC, CH. Malcolm Fraser.

Today, CARE Australia manages programs in 24 countries.

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Malcolm Fraser in the early days of CARE Australia

CARE Australia joined the CARE family in 1987, led by former Prime Minister, the Rt Hon. Malcolm Fraser, AC, CH. ©CARE

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